Summer Love*

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Prepare to fall in love this summer. Inspired picks for sun-kissed days in the city that will make you sparkle from the inside out.

Summer Love*

The best part about summer in the city? Music. Summer concerts in the city that I’m coveting: Dirty Projectors, Hot Chip, and M83. If you don’t snag a ticket in time, there’s always a show to see. Just try Le Poisson Rouge, Williamsburg Music Hall or Central Park SummerStage for an outdoor show.

My current secret weapon is pulling from some ancient wisdom. With a recent resurgence in New York City, Oil Pulling is back on the radar and this 1,000 year-old Ayurvedic treatment is both detoxifying and beautifying. What is it exactly? A swish of coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes. The oil improves oral health, whitens teeth and has a ripple effect throughout the body, leaving you with glowing skin and a boost of energy (yes, I’m serious!).

Move over diamonds--crystals are a girl’s best friend right now. Rock your bling with a summer dress, while adding some sparkle on the inside, too. Known for their energetic healing properties, you can choose a crystal that best suits your needs. Right now, my favorite is the citrine crystal because the golden color makes me happy and it’s a crystal known for creating abundance. Sometimes more is more!

Warm weather ushers in all things juicy, refreshing and hydrating. My favorite and super simple healthy treat for summertime fun is fresh, homemade watermelon juice. Loaded with electrolytes and lycopene--the sweet pink melon hydrates while protecting us from free radical damage, caused by the rays. Just blend chunks of watermelon, straining the pulp and add crushed ice and a squeeze of lime or lemon.

If a workout isn’t fun, it won’t be sustainable either. The key is finding something you love. Try sexing it up with S Factor, a sexy twist to the usual workout with movements infused with yoga, pilates, ballet, striptease and pole dancing. The results? A toned bod and «enlivening the feminine body through movement.»

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