Autumn Lusts*

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When we are conscious designers of our lives, we can paint the most beautiful picture with the colorful foods we choose, the happy thoughts we choose, and doing exactly what is true to us affecting what we pay attention to, what we purchase, what we wear and what we do in our lives every day.

Autumn Lusts*

The “Happy” ring is my sparkling Autumn gift to myself. This ring was made for me.
Designed by my lovely friend Graham Spearman, a New york City based jewelry designer, for me the star represents how I see all of us--five pointed stars that are here to shine our glory and greatness in the world, making it an even better place while we’re here on earth.

KORA, a powerful organic skincare line created by Victoria Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr (who is also a health coach!), is my new obsession. The beautifully sophisticated products are extra special with rose quartz crystal energized water “to infuse a vibration of self-love” and key ingredient Noni, an antioxidant rich ingredient indigenous to the model’s home country, Australia.

I’m trading in my Lulu for Lolë. Nestled in the heart of Tribeca, Lolë is an activewear company born in Montreal with spots across the globe, including Paris and I am loving its technical and versatile, yet ultra-feminine style. The brand prides itself on being inspired by well-being and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My secret weapon in the kitchen this fall is the Reishi mushroom, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and help with fatigue, high cholesterol, and allergies. But it’s best known for boosting your overall health by revving up your immunity and calming inflammation, the root of most diseases. I love using the tincture and adding about 30 drops to my morning smoothie.

Book privates or go to rooftops for sunrise yoga with celebrity yoga trainer, Kristin McGee, and be prepared to dazzled and deliciously relaxed after expertly designed yoga flow classes. Kristin is a bright light in this bustling city, so be prepared for an extra post-yoga glow.

Jennifer Kass

*Les envies d’automne

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