For Love or Money

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Two things on my mind: love + money. They no longer need to be separate and in fact the world can longer afford for them to be.

For Love or Money

What we consume is a reflection of what we value and I'm making love my bottom line, so if it isn't 100% sustainable and of service in this world, I won't support it with my dollar anymore. This season is inspired by sexy, sweet, colorful things from some inspiring lights in the community. All made with love.



My new kitchen staple is dark chocolate. It keeps me happy when I'm not in the mood to meditate (half joking). My brand of choice is Askinosie chocolate because I am so inspired by social pioneer, Shawn Askinosie's contribution to the world, feeding over 1,600 children lunch every day in Tanzania and the Philippines, among a list of other remarkable things. The chocolate is just as divine as his mission.



Scent of the YEAR, Love Potion by Tata Harper, is an aromatic blend of ten of the world's most potent aphrodisiac essential oils to magnetize and embody love. An instant dose of sensuality that can be easily forgotten in our busy lives.



Divine designs woven and dyed by a village of women in Laos, Kimberly Hartman's JADEtribe bags are not only 100% sustainable and made with love, but they are colorful bursts of happiness in a city that needs to drop its addiction to black. I'm officially converted now that I have one of these on my shoulder.



Have you ever read something and it left you feeling like you'd just been kissed or transported into the cosmos? That's what Brian Andreas' words tend to do to me. And so I call him the wordsmith of Love. Andreas' written art is available in framed pieces, books and beyond. His work is a delightful gift to give yourself or someone you love.



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