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One of the coolest museums in the city is The Rubin Museum of Art, holding one of the world’s most important collections of Himalayan art. A nice break from the typical weekend jaunt to MOMA or the The Met, the museum’s latest exhibition is an Indian Modernist Art focus. “Body Unbound brings to life the vibrant visual culture of India and illustrates how India’s transformation into a new nation paved the way for startling new artistic styles,” says Beth Citron, Curator at the Rubin Museum.

I really wanted to maintain the rosy glow from summer and avoid the typical dry, parched skin freakouts this season, which is why I love my latest skincare discovery, HGO Lab’s three-step skincare line. The line includes an all-natural Grapefruit Face Wash, Neroli Face Oil, and Face Balm. Each time I use it feels like such a luxury, because I know there’s nothing synthetic in it – the first ingredient in the Face Balm is coconut oil – my all-time favorite natural moisturizer.

The only reason I survived my first winter in the city six years ago, was because I splurged, with my meager magazine assistant’s salary, on the most divinely cozy, shearling clog boots. Every year, I pick up a new style (but I still wear the first pair–they’re that amazing). I like wearing the booties right now to switch it up from the knee-highs.

I never thought I’d find a bar that met my health requirements (not processed, delicious, and only natural sugars), but I have been craving one ever since I moved to the city and my life became more on-the-go. My favorite thing about the Jouledetox Bar (just hit the market this season) is that I can grab it after a yoga class, use it to detox and get the extra dose of protein and superfoods that I need in my daily diet.

Since the mind and body are so connected, I like a workout that combines the two – and I’m not just talking about yoga. IntenSati, created by Patricia Moreno, is a workout that “harnesses the power of the mind to achieve the potential of the body.” This high-energy cardio workout combines positive affirmations, making exercise fun and transformative.

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