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In this second English corner, you will find a contribution dealing with cardiology, and more precisely angina. Again, our aim is not to teach medicine but to familiarize readers with medical English as used by professionals and patients.


Dr Robshaw So, M. Lancaster, according to your referral letter, you’ve been feeling pain in your chest. Could you tell me about it?

M. Lancaster Well the first time it happened was when I was walking up the hill in Shaftesbury. I was feeling pretty good, then all of a sudden I felt this intense pain in my chest and I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was going to die. I sat down and after a few minutes it went away and I felt OK again. The thing is, it’s happened a couple of times since then, so I thought I’d better see my doctor.

Dr Robshaw I see. And in the more recent attacks, has the pain got any worse?


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