In this third English corner, you will find a contribution dealing with dermatology, and more precisely acne. Again, our aim is not to teach medicine but to familiarize readers with medical English as used by professionals and patients.

Find in the text a word or expression equivalent to the words or expressions in italics in the sentences below:


aggravating the situation = making the situation worse

closed comedones = white heads

emotional ups and downs = mood swings

get better = clear up

hormonal dysregulation = hormonal imbalance

I checked it out = I looked it up

I have to caution you about = I must warn you about

it’s demoralising = it’s soul-destroying

it’s making me depressed = it’s really getting me down

open comedones = black heads

regular partner = steady boyfriend

taking oral contraception = on the pill

taking this medication = on this treatment

the ideal environment for proliferation = the perfect breeding ground

the microorganisms = the bugs

the most commonly used antibiotics = the mainstay antibiotics

the uterus = the womb

we understand the same thing = we are on the same wavelength

you wish to start = you are willing to go ahead with
















*Professeurs d’anglais médical `a l’université de Dijon

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