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 New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) 53.484
 Lancet 33.633
 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 30.011
 Annals of Internal Medicine 16.729
 PLoS Medicine 15.617
 British Medical Journal (BMJ) 13.471
 Annual Review of Medicine 12.457
 Archives of Internal Medicine 10.639
 Canadian Medical Association Journal 9.015
 La presse médicale 0.420

In the following conversation, Dr Jacques Aubert talks to Pr Greenwood at the Birmingham Urology Symposium.

Dans la conversation suivante, le Dr Jacques Aubert s’entretient avec le Pr Greenwood au cours du symposium d’urologie de Birmingham.

Jacques Aubert: Good evening, Professor Greenwood. I’m Jacques Aubert. Thank you for agreeing to meet me.
Pr Greenwood: Hello, Jacques, pleased to meet you. So, tell me about yourself – what are your plans?
Jacques Aubert: Well, as I told you in my letter, I’ve sort of specialized in prostate cancer and I think it would be very useful to work on markers of the disease. Very little has been done on this recently, and I know it’s a topic you’re personally interested in.
Pr Greenwood: Right, so what kind of study did you have in mind?
Jacques Aubert: In Dijon, we diagnose about 600 patients a year, but in the vast majority of cases the disease is symptomatic and quite advanced. In your department you treat about the same number. That’s a lot of patients.
What I’d like to do during my year in Birkenhead is a prospective study. I’d like to collect urine samples and blood samples from as many patients as possible and measure levels of sarcosine in the urine and PSA in the blood, and then see if there are any correlations between the two. The next step would be to look for correlations between the markers and the tumour type or the stage and eventually the outcome. I’d also like to take samples from age-matched healthy volunteers, if that’s possible.
What do you think of the idea?
Pr Greenwood: Sounds interesting; I don’t think it’s been done before. I’ll have to check the literature. Could you send me a detailed study plan as soon as possible?
Jacques Aubert: Will do.
Pr Greenwood: So you’ll be collecting data for a year, and then you’ll return to Dijon for the analysis.
Jacques Aubert: That’s right – do you see any ethical issues here?
Pr Greenwood: No not at all – they’re routine examinations. Will you be publishing in French or in English?
Jacques Aubert: I was hoping to publish in ‘European Urology’.
Pr Greenwood: That’s pretty ambitious – I believe the impact factor is about 9. But you are right to aim high! If your results are convincing, it could stand a chance.

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