N°1 : Writing e-mails and letters

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Fill in the blanks, using words or expressions taken from the lists above /
Compléter les espaces vides en utilisant des mots ou expressions pris du glossaire associé

1.    The PhD student is going to __________ her thesis in Birmingham next Tuesday.
2.    I would like to __________ your research team on a project about prostate cancer.
3.    I have applied for a research _________ I saw advertised in What’s up, Doc?
4.    I’m travelling to Birkenhead on October 10th, and I’d like to make an ________ with Professor Hardacre.
5.    Who should I apply to so as to get a research ____________.to fund my project?
6.    I prefer _________ research to basic research because I can see the results being used in day-to-day clinical practice very quickly.

Complete the following sentences with for or to /
Compléter les phrases suivantes avec “for” ou “to”

1. ______ whom it may concern.
2. Looking forward _______ hearing from you.
3. I wish to thank you _______ your precious help.
4. Sorry _______ not responding more quickly.
5. In reply _______ your letter dated November 7th.
6. I’m going to apply _____ a fellowship in the US next year.

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