Exercise 2

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In this twelfth English corner, you will find a contribution dealing with the Accident and Emergency Department. We would like to remind you that our aim is not to teach medicine but to familiarize readers with medical English as used by professionals and patients.

Exercise 2

Fill in the gaps using the following words : collapse / come to / consciousness / drowsy / faint / a fit / pass / seizures

1. He said he couldn’t breathe and suddenly _______.

2. I stood up too quickly and just _______ out.

3. When he _______, he couldn’t remember anything.

4. She regained _______ after a few minutes.

5. He was feeling so _______ that he drank three cups of coffee to keep him awake.

6. Eclampsia is a serious condition characterized by ________.

7. When she had a ______, she bit her tongue.



Correction: 1. collapsed; 2. passed; 3. come to; 4. consciousness; 5. drowsy; 6. seizures; 7. fit.

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