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In this fifth english corner, you will find a contribution dealing with pneumology, and more precisely COPD. We would like to remind you that our aim is not to teach medicine but to familiarize readers with medical english as used by professionals and patients.

Dr. Spiro : Mrs Fevis. Now I’d like you to blow as hard and as fast as you can into this tube. First of all, take a deep breath – now blow, blow, blow. Good. Well, the results aren’t very good, I’m afraid. You told your GP that you’d been wheezing and coughing up phlegm, you were feeling short of breath and you had some tightness in the chest. How are you feeling today?

Mrs Fevis : Pretty much the same, doctor. I still get out of puff going up the stairs or even just doing the  housework. The wheezing comes and goes. The cough’s a little better though. Is there anything I can take to help me breathe more easily?

... To learn what's happened to Mrs Fevis, read here.


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English Corner
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